Brevet 300 Fuengirola.

In this Brevet we will enter into two Andalusian provinces such as Malaga and Seville. The star line and finish will be in Fuengirola from TERRAL BIKE  RENTAL & TOURS. Puerto de Fuengirola local 356.

We start  to direction of Torremolinos along the coast in which once passed this town we will turn left to enter the interior of the province.

From there we will go to the valley of the Guadalhorce to get into a unique place in the world, such as El Desfiladero de los Gaitanes and the entire area of El Chorro reservoir, we could not miss this opportunity to teach this area for those who visit us from outside.

Once we leave this area we will be looking for the province of Seville and more specifically, Estepa. People famous for their Christmas sweets, although in April a «mantecado» or «polvorón» will come in handy.

From Estepa and looking for the municipality of El Rubio, town in which we turn south again, we are in the middle of the test.

Osuna another beautiful Seville city that gives us almost entrance to the province of Malaga, but not before climbing the sweet ramps of El Saucejo.

After the climb, turn downhill until you reach the village of Cañete la Real.

We are almost touching the eastern part of the Serrania de Ronda, Serrato and El Burgo will be two of the last pitfa of the event.

From the top of the port of Las Abejas, we will take a long descent to Coin, we are almost smelling of the sea after a long and beautiful journey in which there will be a bit of everything.

Why sign up for a Brevet?

By registering for our Brevets, you become part of the great family of the Randonneur world. A bicycle touring format full of history and wealth, where you will savor the essence of cycling.
With this format the great laps were born, like the Tour de France.

You will be given a road pass, where you will have to collect the stamps that will certify that you have completed the route. As was done at the beginning of the 20th century.
You will have to learn to orientate yourself, to plan your Brevet according to your physical shape, studying, where you will stop to eat, to sleep, what luggage should I carry.
You will obtain a homologation, with which you can choose to participate in the great Randonnées, being the most important of all, the Paris Brest Paris. A test full of history, where more than 6000 cyclists from all over the world are concentrated.

You will begin to discover what your limits are. You will start with 200 kilometers and then you will try 300, then 400 and you will see that you can with the 600.
Your name will enter the Randonneur ranking, where you will surely get some recognition.
You will accumulate kilometers to apply for the prestigious titles of Randonneur 5000 and Randonneur 10000.
You will discover the sensations of shooting at night and at all hours discovering places that can only be savored with a bicycle.And above all you will learn to live with sleep fatigue, which will be more bearable with the great friends you will do during your Randonneur adventures.

Required documentation:

It will be necessary to be in possession of a civil liability insurance, either through a sports federation or private insurance.

Our club strongly recommends affiliating with the Cycling Federation (FECT).

Where for very little money, you will be perfectly covered, in case you cause damages to third parties. You will also have travel assistance from 35 kilometers away from your home. By joining the Federation of Cycling Tourism (FECT), you will get the perfect insurance for a Randonneur.

Keep in mind that if you cause damage to another person or thing, you must respond with your personal assets if your insurance has a small limit. The FECT insurance will cover up to € 1200,000. You have the option of national coverage, for € 27. And the European coverage option for € 38.

 If you wish, once you are affiliated with the Cycling Federation (FETC), you can also purchase accident insurance, which will cover you perfectly in your Brevets and your day-to-day excursions, for the modest price of € 38 to the year. This insurance at this price, is exclusive for FECT affiliates.

How to register?   in this link  you can register.

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Track designed by Antonio Quero-TERRAL BIKE RENTAL & TOURS


En esta Brevet nos adentraremos en dos provincias andaluzas como Málaga y Sevilla.
La salida será desde Fuengirola con dirección hacia Torremolinos a lo largo de la costa en la que una vez pasada dicha localidad giraremos a la izquierda para adentrarnos en el interior de la provincia.
Desde ahí, enfilaremos dirección al valle del Guadalhorce para adentrarnos en un lugar único en el mundo, como es El Desfiladero de los Gitanes y toda la zona del Pantano del Chorro, no podíamos dejar de pasar esta oportunidad de enseñar esta zona para los que nos visitan de fuera.
Una vez salgamos de esta zona estaremos ya buscando la provincia de Sevilla y mas concretamente, Estepa. Pueblo famoso por sus dulces navideños, aunque en abril un mantecado o polvorón nos vendrá bien.
Desde Estepa y buscando el municipio de El Rubio, pueblo en el que giramos hacia el sur otra vez, estamos en el ecuador de la prueba.
Osuna otro bello municipio sevillano el que nos dé casi entrada a la provincia de Málaga, no sin antes subir las dulces rampas de El Saucejo con dirección Algamitas, ultimo punto de control.
Después de la subida, toca bajada hasta enfilar hacia el pueblo de Cañete la Real.
Una larga bajada nos espera para adentrarnos en la Serrania de Ronda, el pueblo de Serrato nos dará la entrada ante tan majestuosos escenario.
Quizás sea la parte mas dura del recorrido.
Estamos tocando casi la zona este de la Serrania de Ronda.
 El Burgo serán dos de los últimos escollos de la prueba.
Desde lo alto del puerto de Las Abejas, tomaremos una larga bajada hasta Coin, ya casi estamos oliendo a mar después de una larga y bonita jornada en la que habrá un poco de todo.


 Pto. deportivo de Fuengirola local 356 Málaga- España

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